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Herbal Health

At Middle Ruckham, we have a natural and non-invasive approach to achieve optimal physical and emotional health, using the ability all animals have to self medicate. We facilitate this process by giving animals access to a wide selection of plant and mineral-based medicines such as essential oils, base oils infused with medicinal plants, dried whole or powdered herbs, and clays.



Animals instinctively 'know' what they need as their taste and smell perception is altered by their condition enabling them to seek out plants with the combinations of active ingredients that they require to rebalance their systems. Once they have taken the quantity needed, their taste and smell perception reverts to normal and they will no longer need these plants.
We offer consultations to determine what natural medicines your animal needs to rebalance their system. This highly successful approach can be used to address emotional and behavioural imbalances as well as physical issues, and works for all animals. We will show you how the process works, then leave you with the selected medicines to continue offering them to your animals. Consultations from £25.


Natural Horse Care

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order." ~John Burroughs

We offer a 'Healing Livery' for horses here at Middle Ruckham. Daily applied zoopharmacognosy sessions are combined with the freedom to roam through acres of wildflower meadows, either alone or as part of a small herd, selecting medicinal plants that occur naturally, and building fitness and strength whilst doing so. From £50/week

  We source our herbs and medicines from the highest quality organic ingredients as well as producing some ourselves using herbs grown here at Middle Ruckham. Contact us for organic essential oils, macerated oils and herbs.

Horse and Owner Retreats

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better ~Albert Einstein

Disperse the stresses of everyday life and treat yourself and your horse to a well-earned break here at Middle Ruckham. Get back to nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, immersed in beautiful natural surroundings. Chill out in our lovely Mongolian yurt, tipi or bell tent whilst your horse enjoys the freedom of a natural environment, grazing peacefully in the adjacent meadow. A variety of healing treatments are on offer for your horse, whilst you take the opportunity to have a yoga or massage session or explore the local trails. Facilities include a camp kitchen, compost toilets and a wood-fired bath, and fresh organic produce is available. The local pub is a short walk away.


From £20/night (including organic breakfast). Free grazing for your horse if you ride here.
Or really get away from everyday stresses and routines and spend valuable time bonding with your horse, by experiencing one of the trail rides offered by Equi-Libra. From 2-3 day moorland or beach rides to 7 days riding across Devon, these rides offer a sense of freedom for both you and your horse, whilst you journey across beautiful landscapes, cooking on camp fires and living in harmony with the natural surroundings.